Holter monitors are useful for any patient whose symptoms occur frequently, on a daily basis. It will need to be worn constantly for a period of either 24 or 48 hours, during which the monitor continuously records your heart rhythm activity, regardless of whether you feel symptoms.
You will wear several adhesive patches that are then attached to the monitor by electrode wires. These will be placed in proper position by the staff of Apex Heart Care of North Texas.
You will be asked to keep a written diary of symptoms and events that occur while you are wearing the holter monitor. When you return to the office, the monitor will be removed and a printout of all of your heart’s activity during the recording period and the symptoms noted on the diary will be given to your electrophysiologist.
The important point about holter monitors is that it records all arrhythmias: those that may cause symptoms as well as those that are minor and do not cause symptoms. For the arrhythmias that do not cause symptoms, the majority do not require any specific therapy.