The iliac artery duplex is an ultrasound test. This test allows us to see the arteries in your abdomen and pelvis from the umbilicus (belly button) to the groin. By checking these vessels, we can see if there is any blockage or narrowing and also measure the speed of the blood as it flows through these arteries. 
  • The patient should refrain from smoking, excessive talking and chewing gum for at least one hour prior to the test. 
  • Do not eat or drink eight hours prior to your test. 
  • You may take your medicine(s) as usual with only small sips of water. 
  • If you are diabetic, you may eat a light breakfast if needed. 
  1. We will take a brief history emphasizing current symptoms and pertinent history. 
  2. In order to perform the test, the patient will be asked to remove shoes, socks, and slacks and put on a pair of disposable shorts. 
  3. Patient will lie flat on the bed, and the sonographer will then place gel on the skin from the abdomen to the groin and glide a probe over the area. Direct skin contact is essential. 
The test takes approximately 90 minutes. Results will be sent to your doctor.