The arterial Doppler study is a simple, non-invasive test used to detect blockage of the blood vessels in the legs and feet. 
The patient should refrain from smoking for at least one hour prior to the test. Toes, feet and legs must be clean for this test. 
  1. We will take a brief history emphasizing current symptoms and pertinent family history. 
  2. In order to perform the test, the patient will be asked to remove shoes, socks and slacks. Four blood pressure cuffs will be placed on each leg from high thigh area to the ankle as well as one blood pressure cuff on each arm. A small probe about the size of a pencil will be used to obtain blood pressure along each leg and in the arm. 
  3. A five minute treadmill exercise test will then be done. Blood pressures are then taken at both ankles and in one arm immediately after the exercise, and every two minutes until they return to normal. At this point the test is complete. 
This test will be performed in our office and will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our office at (940) 312-6262.