After your device is about one year old, we recommend the use of “Transtelephonic Monitoring” (abbreviated as “TTM”). TTMs are used to assess if there is adequate battery life and is performed over the phone; therefore, TTM is quite useful and convenient. However, TTM does not provide any other information about the pacemaker nor does it provide the ability for the pacemaker to be adjusted or reprogrammed; thus, evaluation of your pacemaker in the Device Clinic by the device nurse is still required. TTMs are initially performed every eight weeks and then increase to about every four weeks when the pacemaker is about three years old.

It is important to remember three things about transtelephonic monitoring and about home monitoring systems:

  1. These monitoring systems do not allow Apex Heart Care of North Texas to alter the settings of your pacemaker. Any reprogramming of a pacemaker requires an in-office evaluation.
  2. If you have any concerns about an emergent issue regarding your pacemaker or a potential change in your heart rhythm or any other new symptom, these monitoring systems do not address these issues and you should seek emergent or urgent help from your physician or a local emergency department.
  3. These monitors do not provide any therapy, they can only provide diagnostic information about your pacemaker.